Apr 13, 2012

Are Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies Obsolete?

If you’re having a tough time getting leads, prospects and sales for your real estate listings, don’t blame the market just yet. Playing the blame game won’t get you anywhere.

Instead take a look at your own real estate marketing strategies and ask yourself if these are still in tune with what consumers are doing.
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Too often real estate agents spend so much time in the field that they get tunnel vision: meaning they don’t take stock and look what’s happening in the overall scheme of things. They think they’re too busy to read, study or keep themselves in step with the latest real estate buying trends.

Feb 28, 2012

Losing Out To More Established Brokers? Try Blogging

Like politics, it is said that all real estate is local. If you have managed to establish your reputation as an expert and a fair dealing professional in your local community, congratulate yourself. You have just built a huge advantage over your competition. 

However, if you're just a beginner with no connections you may be in for a tough time. As you have realized few people would want to do business with a nobody. This is because they want to deal only with trustworthy experts and not waste their time with a newbie. It might sound unfair but that's the way it is. Why would you entrust your hard earned money / property to an amateur when you know a lot of pros?

Oct 26, 2011

A Big Opportunity To Learn Facebook Marketing --- The Right Way

My August 2011 blog post on Facebook Marketing - Common Blunders Made By Real Estate Agents & Brokers  got a lot comments and reactions from realtors and agents looking to exploit the social network to gain more real estate prospects and leads. 

Learn how to be a Facebook marketing ninja

Aside from the positive and encouraging feedback from that particular blog post, I also got a lot questions on other Facebook marketing best practices applicable for real estate selling. While I am happy to give a lot of more of these tips, I usually end up directing them to google or even visit Facebook's site for more practical and easy ways to attract prospective real estate buyers and increase audience engagement given that the subject is so broad that it will take several posts just to even scratch the surface.

Even with the links I've shared lets admit it: searching and poring over Facebook's guides on the web takes time and can be a boring and dull exercise.Fortunately, Facebook it seems has heard the "cries for help" from professionals and businesses asking for a more comprehensive and engaging way to learn how to use the network to grow their business. 

Oct 14, 2011

Real Estate Horror Stories Part 1: Sellers From Hell

No, I am not the Crypt Keeper but since Halloween is only a few weeks away I would like to share a few short real estate horror stories to keep up with the season.

These stories (or more accurately: scenarios) are based from my own actual experience as well as those I have witnessed or known first-hand from almost 20 years of working with realtors and agents, property buyers and sellers around the country.

Just a short caveat though, this article is written in the spirit of fun and ghoulish humor with generous sprinkling of truth from various actual cases. I am NOT pinpointing to any person or a group but if you feel alluded to by this post...don't blame me. Blame your conscience (which means you are still a good person since you still have a conscience).

Aug 2, 2011

Facebook Marketing - Common Blunders Made By Real Estate Agents & Brokers

With 750 Million users worldwide spending billions of minutes monthly, real estate agents and brokers are understandably flocking to Facebook for both personal and business purposes. And why not? Facebook marketing is one of biggest & most effective strategies available today and it has reaped online & social media-savy realtors enormous benefits.