Apr 13, 2012

Are Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies Obsolete?

If you’re having a tough time getting leads, prospects and sales for your real estate listings, don’t blame the market just yet. Playing the blame game won’t get you anywhere.

Instead take a look at your own real estate marketing strategies and ask yourself if these are still in tune with what consumers are doing.
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Too often real estate agents spend so much time in the field that they get tunnel vision: meaning they don’t take stock and look what’s happening in the overall scheme of things. They think they’re too busy to read, study or keep themselves in step with the latest real estate buying trends.

It is these agents who’ll wake up one day wondering why their usual selling tactics are no longer working  and their sales pipeline has dried up.

And if you think reassessing marketing plans applies only when sales are down, think again. Initial successes actually blinds you from a painful reality check that will come crashing down when you least expect it.

Rapid Changes + Slow Reaction = Failure

Face the truth that change is not only constant, it is happening at a very rapid pace. Your marketing techniques may have worked well in the past but if you don’t bother to check what’s happening on the ground, those tried and proven techniques will end up obsolete.

To illustrate, check out data below which is among gold-mine of insights released by the National Association of Realtors last February 2012 in their NAR 2011 Home Buyer And Seller survey:

  • 9 out of 10 home buyers use the internet to search for a home to buy
  • 9 out of 10 of home buyers used a real estate agent to help them with their search…they found these agents by using, again…the internet
  • 55% of home buyers also say yard signs helped them with their house hunting
  • Only 45% of buyers attend open houses
  • Just 30% of prospective buyers respond to newspaper advertising

While the NAR report goes on to reveal a ton of other very useful stats, the 5 items listed above should be more than enough reason to seriously rethink your real estate marketing strategy.

Use data to create more powerful strategies 

Serious real estate agents / realtors should start asking themselves these crucial questions:

a.) Do I have an online presence?

If yes, are my listings and my realty agency / practice easily found on the search engines using relevant keywords?

laptop businesswoman

Is my website or blog found at least on the first page of the search results for relevant keywords?

b.) Am I making full use of my property for sale signs?

Are my “For \Sale” signs easy to read, well designed and helping me project a professional image?

b.) Should I hold regular or just special open houses?

c.) Am I wasting money on newspaper ads?

If my newspaper ads are still delivering results, how often should I advertise?

How much budget should I allocate so I can redirect resources to other more effective activities?

These are just a few of the many critical questions you should ask about your present real estate marketing activities.If your present techniques are no longer working then chances are your real estate selling strategies are becoming obsolete.

Bottom line: read, study and adjust to market realities. 

How about you? Do you think some of your marketing methods are becoming obsolete? Leave a comment.


  1. Excellent Article! You truly understand today's market.

  2. Excellent post. In real estate selling, one should not think that 'if you build it, they will come' (no pun intended). Real estate agents need to be actively involved in effective marketing strategies and analyze which of these strategies work best. No two advertising/marketing channels are equal. Focus more on the one that gives better ROI.

    Most importantly, real estate agents should know and understand what their market really wants then act on it. If your market is no longer receptive to billboard ads, for example, then stop doing it.

    1. Hello Arlene,

      I couldn't agree more. Choosing strategies that works best can involve both tried and proven tactics & new tools made available by technology. Of course, it goes without saying that all these strategies won't work unless the realtor or agent is committed to make these things work.

  3. Well of course, the formula works especially today whereas technology is on its rapid changes status mode. If you will adopt the trends, then you will be left behind.

    One of the example that we must take into our considerations is the use of social media (still embraces the technology). It's just like a "free promotion tool". Imagine if you have millions of fans, then you won't need to promote your products or services through TV advertisements. As a result, you will save lots of money and a higher profit margin.

    Anyway, this is really an excellent post. Looking more articles from you sir :)

    1. Thanks so much Manuel.

      Social media indeed works although it requires commitment to implementing best practices and integrating them with non digital tools.

      At the end of the day, all these digital tools have one purpose only and that is to bring the conversation from the digital world into a real world client-agent relationship.

  4. We always need to have new ways in marketing our product. Normally new ideas is always best to implement. but of course it needs to pass the test period.. Thanks for the insights..

    1. Indeed, the world is ever evolving and the channels of communication changes with it. Tracking and testing what works should be part of the overall agenda. Otherwise, an agent or realtor may end up wasting time and money.

  5. Ironic, as this has been the conversation I began having with those who can make a difference here in my firm. We're hoping to make a change and work on SEO. We're missing the market share of non-local buyers due to poor internet marketing position. the numbers you listed above seem really accurate and are far from shocking! Thanks for the great read!

  6. Very informative article. Marketing strategy has to be reassessed frequently to ensure optimum ROI.

    Claudia E. Brown ABR, GRI

  7. This is really a excellent honestly i don't have any strategies for my real estate and it is very helpful.

  8. Excellent article! In addition to asking if your newspaper ads are delivering results, you should ask how you can track the results you are getting from them. This should be done with all of your marketing.

    I especially enjoyed the first section. It is important in real estate to step back from your daily activities to recognize trends in the market place.

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